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[software]Dow Jones & Co. Inc. Stock Quote Reporter Program - Apple Computer
The Dow Jones News & Quotes Reporter is a program that brings you news from the Dow Jones News Wire, the Wall Street Journal, and Barron's, and brings you quotes from the Dow Jones Data Base. The program works with the Apple II or Apple II Plus computer; the Apple Disk II disk drive with a controller set up to use 16-sector diskettes; and equipment that connects the computer to a telephone line. When the Apple is connected to the Dow Jones computer via telephone line, the Apple's video monitor ...
Keywords: Apple II; Dow Jones; Stock Quotes
Downloads: 109
[software]Timeliner - Tom Snyder Productions
Timeliner for the Apple II. Timeline generation and browsing software by Tom Snyder Productions. The product was still being developed (for later platforms) almost 30 years later. 1986.
Keywords: Apple II; Timeline
Downloads: 14
[software]Thinktank Version 1.10 - Living Videotext , Inc.
Thinktank Version 1.10 by Living Videotext, Inc. 1985. Currently, this program expects a second floppy disk that is not installed.
Keywords: Apple II; Productivity
Downloads: 22
[software]Microdiary - Robert L. Jackson, for Expertel
If you use the phone for business or pleasure, we can save you a lot of time. Just connect the telephone Micro Diary to your phone and computer, and you're in business with the smartest system going. A powerful, electronic telephone directory stores 2,000 names, numbers and addresses. It finds the phone number you need and dials it automatically - including those toilsome, long-distance access codes...
Keywords: Micro Diary; Apple II; Phone Software; Directory; Robert L. Jackson; Expertel; Software
Downloads: 51
[software]Information Master Version 5.0 - High Technology Software Products, Inc.
Information Master Version 5.0. by James A. Cox and Stephen M. Williams.
Downloads: 9
[software]Calendar Program - Red DeGroat
Calendar Program by RedDegroat. Prints to Okidata and Epson printers. October 21, 1985.
Keywords: Apple II; Calendar
Downloads: 8
[software]FrEDWriter Version 4.4 - CUE SoftSwap
FrEDWriter Version 4.4 August 13, 1987 by CUE SoftSwap. Created in 1985, this word processor was a de facto standard for years in classrooms. Mr. Rogers designed the program around a not-so-popular public domain program called FreeWriter and re-marketed with an extremely easy-to-use interface, Spanish support, and the ability for teachers to leave on-screen prompts to guide student writing. Additionally, FrEdWriter was free: users had to pay a small charge for the software on a disk, but the spl...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 16
[software]Magic Slate Version 1.2.2 - Sunburst Communication
Magic Slate : the word processor that grows with you. From Sunburst Communication, Pleasantville, NY. 1984. Three levels of word processing abilities that allowes user to master a 20 column version-young child, a 40 column version-intermediate and a 80 column version for the professional.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing; Sunburst Communication
Downloads: 12
[software]Mousewrite - Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc.
Mousewrite Word Processing Software, Version 1.5.7. Written by Steve Cochard with assistance from C. Peterson and R. Wagner. From Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc. There are a lot of great reasons to own MouseWrite... reasons like being able to quickly correct any mistakes with MouseWrite Speller. It's built-in so it's there whenever you need it. Want form letters, labels, or 1000 individually addressed envelopes? MouseWrite's Mail Merge and Glossary get the job done for you...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 30
[software]Zardax 6.0 - Computer Solutions
Zardax 6.0 by Computer Solutions, Published by Action-Research NW. 1981.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 11
[software]HomeWord Plus - Sierra On-Line
Sierra On-Line Inc. presents HomeWord Plus(tm) - ProDOS 40/80 Column for the Apple 128k //e and //c by Target Technologies. Version 3.0 - December 5 1985.
Keywords: Apple II; HomeWord; Word Processing
Downloads: 83
[software]Reports and Ratios - Real Software
Reports and Ratios, by Real Software. 1986.
Downloads: 8
[software]Time is Money (Version 1.0) - Turning Point Software

Downloads: 27
[software]The Clan Practical Accountant - Sir-Tech Software
The Clan Practical Accountant by Robert Jahncke. Published by Sir-Tech Software. 1986.
Keywords: Apple II; Financial
Downloads: 10
[software]Checkbook Analyzer Personal Finance Management System - Windcrest Software
Checkbook Analyzer personal finance management system by Philip and Bob Hess.
Keywords: Apple II; Finance Management; Windcrest
Downloads: 15
[software]Sideways - Funk Software, Inc.
Sideways Version 1.0
Downloads: 8
[software]WordPerfect for the IIe and IIc Version 1.1 - WordPerfect Corporation
With roots as far back as 1977 and a first appearance on Data General computers with the name SSI*WP, the software that became WordPerfect was a product businesses knew intimately by 1986. WordPerfect had just rocked the word processing world with a lauded 4.0 release for DOS. The same 4.0 rocketed WordPerfect to the top of the charts virtually sealing WordStar's fate and keeping a struggling Microsoft Word at bay for at least a few more years...
Downloads: 64
[software]Magic Window II - Artsci, Inc.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing; Artsci
Downloads: 9
[software]Magic Window - ARTSCI. Inc.
Magic Window IIe by William H. Depew, from ARTSCI, Inc. 1984. Later followed up by Magic Window II. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, any word processing system is basically just an electronic device for making marks on paper. One measurement of the ease of using a word prqcessor is its "transparency"-the similarity between what appears on the screen and what is printed as final copy. From this standpoint, Magic Window, written by Gary Shannon with revision and documentation by Bill D...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 15
[software]Edit 3.9 - Software Solutions

Downloads: 10
[software]Word Juggler IIe (Version 2.5) (Apple IIe) - Quark, Inc.
Word Juggler was a word processor application by Quark, Inc. for the Apple IIe, IIc, and III computers. Until the release of AppleWorks, Word Juggler was the leading word processor on the IIe and IIc, beating out Apple Writer. The software was copy protected with a hardware dongle. It was one of the first software titles to use ProDOS. The software was well received and was considered easy to learn and master...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 20
[software]Trio (Trio Calc, Trio Word, Trio File)

Downloads: 3
[software]The Writer - Hayden Book Company
The Writer: Word Processing System by Hayden Book Company. 1983.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing; Hayden Book Company; The Writer
Downloads: 9
[software]TEXTPRO - Cosmi, Inc.
Cosmi TEXTPRO Word Processor. 1985. As this column continues looking at lesser known moments of colossal retrocomputing idiocy, surely this is an abnormal example? OK, cue time warp and try again. You finally type the last paragraph...and accidentally hit the ENTER key without typing in a filename at the "save" prompt. Maybe it's fatigue or just the computer's infamous keybounce doing double duty after you ENTERed the save command in the first place...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 8
[software]SuperText Professional - Muse Software
SuperText Professional by E. Zaron of Muse Software. 1982.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 10
[software]Super-Text Home/Office - MUSE Software
Super-Text Home/Office Word Processor by E. Zaron of MUSE Software. 1982.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 9
[software]Simply Perfect - LJK Software
Simply Perfect from LJK Software. Published in 1984. Integrated database and word processor.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 4
[software]Screenwriter IIe - Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Screenwriter IIe Version 2.2 from Sierra On-Line Inc. 1983. SCREENWRITER II by Kidwell/Schmoyer. "No extra hardware for upper-lower case, 70 column display, printer spooling. Edits BASIC, text, and binary files; complete search and replace. Sierra On-Line." [This solved the hardware problem of no lowercase display and only 40 columns of text by creating hi-res graphics characters. Because of the limits of the hi-res screen, it was only possible to get 70 columns of text in this mode...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 41
[software]TimeOut ReportWriter by Dan Verkade - Beagle Bros., Inc.
Beagle Bros. Inc. unleashes the power with TimeOut ReportWriter by Dan Verkade. TimeOut v3.01 by Alan Bird, ReportWriter v2.52 by Dan Verkade.
Keywords: Apple II; Financial; Beagle Brothers
Downloads: 7
[software]Piewriter: Word Processing System - Piewriter: Word Processing System
Piewriter: Word Processing System from Hayden Book Company. 1983.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 9
[software]MECC Writer - Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation
MECC Writer from the Composing Information Series. Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation, 1985. Version 1.2. MECC Writer is a package in the Composing Information series. This series, along with four others, is part of MECC's Computing and Information collection. This collection introduces students to the concepts and skills necessary to live in the Information Age.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 20
[software]Lexicom 3.0 - David Szetela
Lexicom 3.0 by David Szetela. Program for doing conversion between a wide variety of formats.
Keywords: Apple II; Utilities
Downloads: 6
[software]Homeworker Version 1.2 - Davidson and Associates
Homeworker v1.2 from Davidson and Associates, Inc. October 7, 1986.
Keywords: Apple II; Financial
Downloads: 8
[software]Homepak - Russ Wetmore
Homepak by Russ Wetmore, including Hometext, HomeFind and Hometerm. From Batteries Included software. Homepak by Batteries Included, was an integrated application for the Commodore 64, Apple II and Atari 8-bit personal computers. Homepak combined word-processor, database and communications modules into one application. Homepak was developed in 1984 by Russ Wetmore for Star Systems Software, Inc. The Commodore 128 version was ported by Sean M...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing; Russ Wetmore; Batteries Included
Downloads: 44
[software]Univac ][ by The Serpent Version 2.2
Univac ][ by The Serpent Version 2.2
Downloads: 8
[software]The Correspondent v4.4 - Roger Wagner Publishing
By 1984, Roger Wagner and his Roger Wagner Publishing (formerly Southwestern Data Systems) were household names to Apple II users. Not only had RWP/SDS produced a series of well-received software titles that mixed both utility and education, but Roger Wagner himself became a celebrity in the community through his 1980 column in Softalk and his eventual assembled book, Assembly Lines, The Book Among the many products that debuted over the years, 1980's The Correspondent offered the same interesti...
Downloads: 48
[software]Term Paper Writer - Activision
Term Paper Writer is a multi-purpose software program that helps you turn out perfect papers quickly and easily. It speeds up every step of paper writing, from note taking and outlining to writing and editing. It even formats footnotes and compiles bibliographies... automatically. With Term Paper Writer your next paper will be a breeze!
Downloads: 8
[software]PFS: Write - Software Publishing Corporation
PFS: Write from Software Publishing Corporation and Soft-Art,Inc. 1986. pfs:Write was a simple, early-in-the-life-of-desktop-computing word processor created by Software Publishing Corporation (SPC). It was intended for DOS systems, but Apple II versions were also released. It included all the basic features common to most word processors of the day, including automatic word wrapping, spell checking, copy and paste, underlining, and boldfacing; and it also boasted a few of the most-commonly-used...
Downloads: 38
[software]Easy Working Writer v1.03 - Spinnaker Software
Easy Working Writer v1.03 for ProDOS from Spinnaker Software, 1987. (This blurb is from a review of the DOS version, but the article mentions that Apple II and Commodore versions were also included in the box.) Easy Working Writer comes much closer to being a workable program, particularly if your word processing is limited to business letters, basic school reports, and the like. That may suffice for many home and small business users...
Downloads: 17
[software]Better Working Word Processor - Spinnaker Software
Better Working Word Processor Design: Roger Des Roches, Programmed by Marc Lafontaine. Published in 1985 by Logidisque and Spinnaker Software. Better Working is a medium to high powered word processor, with window-like features, as well as having a comprehensive spelling checker on the backside of the disk. Once accustomed to this word processor, it may well be one of the better processors for the Apple II, with effective functions for: SEARCH, REPLACE, MOVE or COPY blocks of text, COUNT the wo...
Downloads: 88
[software]Applewriter II Training Disk - Apple Computer, Inc.
Apple Presents Applewriter II Training Disk. 1984 by Apple Computer, Inc. This training disk will teach you the basics of Apple Writer II (version 2.), a sophisticated word processing program that lets you create, edit, and print memos, letters, contracts -- any sort of business or personal document. On this disk, we'll tell you something about Apple Writer or ask you to performa a specific step by putting a frame on the screen -- just like the one you're reading now...
Downloads: 29
[software]Apple II Expense Tracker (A2X) - Craig Bower
Apple II Expense Tracker (A2X) by Craig Bower. Released on February 25, 2007.
Downloads: 19
[software]The Database Manager - Main Street Publishing, Inc.
The Database Manager, by Adrian Vance, published by Main Street Publishing, 1985. This system will allow you to set up databases of up to 18 fields with up to 40 spaces per field, one line. You may search any of the fields for words or numbers, in terms of: equal to, greater than or less than, sum all numbers in a field or count the number of occurances of a word or number in any field. This system operates in R.A.M...
Keywords: Apple II; Database
Downloads: 19
[software]Superbase Version 2.0 - Precision Software
Superbase II - The Complete Database for the Apple by S.D. Tranner and T.H. Cranstown. Precision Software. 1983.
Downloads: 1
[software]MECC Data Handler
Data Handler Manage file-cabinets full of student, employee, inventory, and school district information with this remarkable package. Two disk drives, a printer, a few data diskettes, and this flexible, menu-driven database system allow you to enter, build, store, modify, search, sort, retrieve, and print school data. Each data diskette can hold as many as 1050 records of up to 126 characters or as many as 525 records of up to 254 characters...
Keywords: Apple II; Database
Downloads: 4
[software]Easy Working Filer Version 1.01 - Spinnaker Software
Easy Working Filer Version 1.01. Published in 1987. A product of the Ancier Group and Spinnaker Software by Leland J. Ancier and Patrick M. McElroy and M. L. Brachman, PhD.
Keywords: Apple II; Filer
Downloads: 9
[software]Apple II Bookends v2.04 - Sensible Software, Inc.
Bookends v2.04. The Reference Management System, by Jonathan D. Ashwell, Sensible Software, Inc. 1983 and 1984.
Keywords: Apple II; Reference
Downloads: 8
[software]Bookends Version 1.0 48k - Sensible Software
Bookends Version 1.0 48k by Jonathan D. Ashwell of Sensible Software. 1983. Includes Reference Librarian, Disk Utilities, Printer Options, Apple Configuration. Bookends, a database and time saver in managing any kind of information, tracks down articles, magazines and books quickly, effortlessly and with no hassle. Easy to use, it... Provides quick, efficient storage and retrieval of reference information...
Keywords: Apple II; Productivity
Downloads: 47
[software]Easy Writer - Cap'n Software (John Draper)
EasyWriter was a word processor first written for the Apple II series computer in 1979, the first word processor for that platform. It was written by John Draper's Cap'n Software, which also produced a version of Forth, which EasyWriter was developed in. Draper developed EasyWriter while serving nights in the Alameda County Jail under a work furlough program. Andrew Fluegelman wrote in PC Magazine that although EasyWriter 1.0 appeared to be an easy-to-use word processor for casual users, it "con...
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 33
[software]The Spread Sheet 2.0 - William G. Graves
The Spreadsheet Version 2.0 by William G. Graves, Published by A.P.P.L.E.
Keywords: Apple II; Word Processing
Downloads: 7
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